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Terms of Use

 For participation in the Welcome Home Project


·    We (the agency) certifies that we  are a U.S. nonprofit, public charitable corporation (not a non‐operating private foundation) described in IRS § 501 (c) (3), tax-exempt under IRS § 501 (a), and qualified to receive tax deductible contributions under IRS § 170(c); OR that we are a local, state, or federal government agency.

·   We agree to verify our nonprofit status. The information we submit is a true and accurate representation of our agency and staff. (You  may not impersonate another person or entity), and you may not sell, share or otherwise transfer your account information. 

·    We will use the donated goods in accordance with our exempt purpose and for the care of the needy or homeless in compliance with IRS regulations.

·    We will not sell, barter, or exchange the donated goods.

·   We will maintain adequate books and records that we will make available to the Internal Revenue Service upon request.

·    We are not providing any goods or services to Holy Spirit Wind Ministries, Inc. in exchange for the contribution of the donated   goods.

·    We accept Holy Spirit Wind Ministries, Inc.'s terms and conditions.

·    One-time registration is required for each agency prior to requesting a Welcome Home Package. This allows all agency staff to use the service.  The fee is $25 upon registration. This gives the agency access to the Request a Package form for your clients.

Only authorized agency or staff may complete the registration form and/or request donated goods from the Welcome Home Project.

·    We understand that there is no guarantee that all requests for Welcome Home Packages can be filled.

·    Clients must be former foster care adults, domestic violence survivors, or actively participating in a prison re-entry program. Homeless veterans must be actively participating in a program to alleviate homelessness. Clients are approved on a case-by-case basis.

·    If your registration form is denied, your $25 fee will be refunded. Please note that we only service central Alabama residents who were recently homeless and who are approved for, or soon moving into permanent housing.


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